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A trademark is potentially the most important business asset you'll ever own.

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"How can I be more certain that my application will proceed to registration?"

We conduct a trademark search to determine whether there are other marks on the Trade Mark Register, which may prevent the registration of your application.

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A registered trademark does not require any proof of the mark’s reputation and is therefor easier to enforce.

Non registered / common law trademarks are capable of protection against unlawful use.

Provided they are shown to have a reputation, and that the use of the contentious mark will cause the public to be misled.

Trademark Filing Requirements:

In order to save you time and money, we have compiled a list of what you will need to start the trademark filing process.

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Trademark / Logo

in electronic format
You will need to provide a clear digital version of your logo (jpg, gif, png, bitmap or pdf).
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when applicable
Foreign words must be translated into English (to see if they can be registered).
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International Classification

as per Nice Classification
Full list of class headings available for download.
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of goods and/or services
The description provides a list of goods / services which you want your trademark to protect. It may be necessary to file a trademark in multiple classes to cover all goods / services described – we will advise.
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Details of Applicant

name, physical address and nationality
Please see the CIPC guidelines for the examination of a South African trademark application here
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Power of Attorney

this can be late filed
For your convenience, we have provided a power of attorney that you can download and e-mail through.
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Priority Document

certified copy must be filed within 3 months of application
Only required if your SA application is based on an earlier foreign application filed less than 6 months before the SA application.

What is a trademark?

Trademarks are words, logos or slogans,

which are capable of distinguishing the goods or services of the trademark owner, from goods or services of others.