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IP Trends

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Article by Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners

Robot Simulation patentable? Not automatically!

The simulation of a robot is a technical task. However, if the simulation device must specify the interacting programming lines of the robot simulation before the start of execution, this is not patentable, was ruled by the German Federal Patent Court.

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Artice from WIPO Magazine

Artificial intelligence and copyright

As the use of artificial intelligence by artists becomes more widespread, the distinction between artwork that is made by a human and that made by a computer is becoming increasingly blurred with interesting implications for copyright.

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Article from Meyer-Dulheuer MD Legal

Bad faith: sole trademark application from distribution system

Bad faith? If one of the partners does so within the framework of a long-standing distribution relationship, even though he is not the only one entitled to do so, then there is bad faith...

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